Google launches Chromecast, Chrome OS-based media, Internet stick

Google launches Chromecast, Chrome OS-based media, Internet stick After unveiling their updated Nexus 7, Google used today’s press event to unveil the Chromecast, a small media and Internet stick that can be plugged into your TV’s HDMI port to sling content via Wi-Fi.

At a cost of just $35, the stick should unlock the Internet for those that do not have Smart TVs, set-top boxes or video game consoles. All new orders also receive three free months of Netflix, even if you are a an existing subscriber, effectively dropping the price to almost nothing (unless you don’t care for Netflix).

More importantly, the Chromecast lets you sling content from Android and iOS phones and tablets, Chromebooks and on Mac and Windows PCs via the Chrome browser.

You can control your TV via the stick, as well, from your device, including playback and volume. If your TV cannot power directly from the HDMI, there is an adapter included, as well.

With the exception of Silverlight and Quicktime video, any other web video or audio source will play on the TV if it plays in your Chrome desktop browser. You’ll be able to run Netflix, Pandora, HBO GO, Hulu and Rdio among others that are not normally easily played without specialized apps.

The device will of course need testing, but it certainly sounds good on paper.