Nexus 5 to focus on camera and battery life?

Nexus 5 to focus on camera and battery life?According to sources, Google will use the Nexus 5 to focus on the camera and battery life, not continuing the ongoing race to have the biggest, largest resolution display.

If the rumors are accurate, the company will keep a 720p IPS display instead of moving to a 5-inch 1080p OLED like rivals. The display will be 4.5-inches but 88 percent of the front will be the screen, meaning the bezel will be almost non-existent. The phone will have the extremely powerful Snapdragon 600 and 3GB RAM, giving it otherwise high-end specs.

In regards to the camera, the flagship will include a Nikon branded 9-megapixel triple prism sensor, which would likely be the best camera ever in a smartphone but much slower than CMOS sensors.

Additionally, the phone will have a 2800 mAH battery, which could lead to some of the best battery life this side of the Droid Maxx.