Twitter for Android and iOS get improved search and Discover features

Screenshot_2013-03-06-15-21-07 Screenshot_2013-03-06-15-20-41

Today’s the day Twitter starts forcing third-party app developers to use its far more limited API v1.1, so it’s not surprising the company has pushed out an update to its Android and iPhone versions focusing on search and discovery.

In particular, users searching for specific terms will come upon Top Tweets, often from months ago, that garnered a lot of attention. Searching for ‘Android’, for example, showed me top accounts, recent stories from accounts I follow, photos and more. The Discover tab has also been updated to show more relevant information, and the pull-to-refresh animation has been spruced up.

Users will also be able to see all the tweets in a conversation when entering a tweet’s Detail view, including replies, though it’s unclear how that is different from before.

The iOS version of Twitter has also eliminated the option of uploading videos to Mobypicture, Vodpod and Posterous, likely because its homegrown Vine solution is the preferred recipient.

Download Twitter for Android and iPhone.