Apple’s Samsung complaint will get final ruling from ITC in August

Apple's Samsung complaint will get final ruling from ITC in AugustUSITC judge sets date for final ruling.

In October 2012, the International Trade Commission (ITC) said Apple infringed on four Samsung patents in several smartphones, but that decision is being reviewed following petitions by both companies.

Administrative Law Judge Thomas B. Pender entered a scheduling order setting Aug 1, as a target final decision date, according to Florian Mueller’s Foss Patents blog.

The case was filed by Apple with the ITC in July 2011, and is separate from the case filed by Samsung against Apple in August 2011. The South Korean consumer electronics giant initially alleged that Apple infringed 5 patents in its products, but has since withdrawn one.

The ITC has the power to impose an import ban on products. It is unknown what affect an ITC final ruling imposing a ban on infringing Samsung products would have, given that Samsung has already made modifications based on the ITC, and other, findings.


BlackBerry to ditch Japan

BlackBerry to ditch JapanBlackBerry to quit Japan.

According to a report from the Nikkei business daily, BlackBerry will soon cease selling smartphones in the Japanese market entirely. The Canadian smartphone-maker – which just officially changes its name to BlackBerry with the launch of BB10 – cannot justify the cost associated with providing an operating system that accommodates the Japanese language.

BlackBerry has had a difficult time all over in the past few years, but its performance in Japan is mind-numbing. According to the report, BlackBerry has witnessed its market share in the country decline to just 0.3 percent, from 5 percent.

As for owners and customers of BlackBerry products in Japan, the company will continue to provide support, according to the report.