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Microsoft Windows 9 tech preview set for launch next month

Microsoft is said to be preparing a “technology preview” of the upcoming Windows “Threshold” (Windows 9) operating system, which will be available to anyone who is interested by the end of the next month. The operating system itself is expected to launch in full sometime during the spring of next year and will include a […]

Twitter: 8.5 percent of all active accounts are automated

Twitter has announced in a regulatory filing that “up to approximately 8.5%” of its active accounts are completely automated “without any discernible additional user-initiated action.”The social media giant has 271 million active monthly users, so automated accounts are up to 23 million of those.Among the automatically updated accounts are handles at post directly from third-party apps […]

Netflix overtakes HBO in subscriber revenue

Netflix has finally overcome HBO in subscriber revenue, reporting $1.146 billion in revenue for the last quarter compared to $1.41 billion for HBO. The streaming giant has 48 million paid subscribers, and 35.1 million in the U.S. HBO has 127 million paying subscribers in total, but that includes HBO 2, HBO Family, Cinemax and more. […]

Mozilla planning to take on Google with new Firefox OS-based streaming stick

Gigaom has reported on Mozilla’s latest project, a media streaming HDMI dongle based on their Firefox OS. The device would rival Google’s popular Chromecast device and Mozilla has been working on prototypes with an unknown hardware partner for the past few months. Mostly everything remains unknown about the new device including price, availability, specs and […]

BlackBerry rolling out encrypted BBM messenger for enterprise users

BlackBerry has announced the launch of their first eBBM product, a suite that includes a specialized BBM instant messenger service for enterprise users. The company says the suite includes BBM Protected, which is FIPS 140-2 cryptographic library-enabled messaging. The service can be used between users within the same enterprise, or with other companies who are […]

Dropbox reaches 300 million users

Popular cloud-storage service Dropbox has revealed that it has reached 300,000,000 users, adding 100 million since November 2013. In a brief post on the firm’s blog, Dropbox announced the milestone using a graphic of a door with a dropbox logo on it, with notches on the wall next to it showing the company’s userbase growth […]