Microsoft Windows 9 tech preview set for launch next month

Microsoft Windows 9 tech preview set for launch next monthMicrosoft is said to be preparing a “technology preview” of the upcoming Windows “Threshold” (Windows 9) operating system, which will be available to anyone who is interested by the end of the next month. The operating system itself is expected to launch in full sometime during the spring of next year and will include a scrapping of many unpopular Windows 8 features, including the confusing “Charms Bar.” Most importantly, Microsoft will continue to improve on mouse-and-keyboard functionality, taking the OS back to its roots. Additionally, “Modern/Metro” apps will be able to run on the desktop, virtual desktops will be integrated and the Start Menu will make an honest return. Potentially, Microsoft’s voice-support assistant Cortana could be integrated, as well. Sources say if you install the tech preview, you will have to agree to have monthly updates pushed automatically, which should not be a problem given how Microsoft pushes updates currently. There have been rumors that Microsoft will make Threshold free to anyone with Windows XP, Vista or 7, in an effort to move them away from the older OS’s.