Nova Scotia’s new cellphone policies go into place May 1st, offers consumers greater protection

While the CRTC hammers out the fine details of the possible “national code for wireless services,” the province of Nova Scotia is only hours away from implementing mandatory changes to how wireless carriers must conduct their business.

Effective May 1st, carriers in the province must make contracts easier to understand by providing customers with a one-pager that outlines monthly costs, plus the carriers will not be able to change “major parts” of the contract (services, costs, fees, or locations where the phone can be used) without the customers consent. In addition, probably the most important change, is that customers who are dissatisfied “could pay as little as $50 to cancel contracts” at any time, but will of course have to buyout the remaining device balance.

This new structure is for anyone who starts, or renews, a contact after May 1st.

Source: Cumberland
Via: Nova Scotia